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Car Key Extraction

Car Key Extraction

Locked out of your car and key stuck in the ignition? In that case, you’ll need an emergency car key extraction service. Our experienced and expert automotive locksmiths can help you remove your car key from your car lock in no time.

To avoid your car key becoming trapped in the lock again, we propose that you replace the car door lock entirely.

Why do car keys break?

Car key extraction
key chain with a broken car key

Car keys tend to break into that leads to lockout for several reasons:

Worn out or damaged key: A key will wear out after regular use. When you twist the key in the lock, the metal around the part of the key that gets the brunt of the rotating force can become weak. Their components deteriorate over time and eventually break. Exposure to severe high and low temperatures can also damage the metal’s strength and stability.

Older locks: The friction and resistance between the locking mechanism and the teeth and shaft of the key increases with age and insufficient lubrication.

DIY to fix broken key: When you have a broken key in the lock or ignition, you try everything to fix it yourself. You might be tempted to forcefully extract the last portions of your keys with a pair of pliers, but this is not recommended because it can cause damage to your keys. Any attempt to extract the key fragment by hand could aggravate the condition by further damaging the keyway.

One or all of these factors can cause your key to break off your door.

What should you do right after the car key broke into?

Call our 24/7 available car key extraction service

Dial our service hotline if your automobile key broke off inside the ignition. Our broken key extractors will arrive quickly and remove the broken key on your behalf. When you contact us for professional auto services, one of our locksmith technicians will arrive at your location, assess the problem, and begin carefully removing the broken parts.. Professional auto locksmiths, such as ourselves, can not only repair or replace your broken car key or give you with a new one, but they can also perform a variety of other services: broken car keys, being locked out, car keys replacement, ignition repair/replacement and much, much more! We have a wide range of solutions tailored to your lock and key issues. 

Why choose The Locksmith Expert service? 

As much as car keys tend to break, get lost, or might be stolen, every car key can be extracted, replaced, or duplicated right on the spot by The Locksmith Expert technicians. Our emergency auto expert team provides roadside assistance any time of the day or night When you need a car key retrieved from a door lock or the ignition of your vehicle. We have proper knowledge, experience, and advanced technology. So, we will know exactly what to do without causing any more damage to the key. 

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Our customer-oriented mobile locksmith service 24-hour and flexibility makes us stand out. Whether it’s a holiday, weekend, rush hour, or amidst the night, we offer super friendly and fast-responsive customer service. A positive customer experience keeps us motivated to keep doing what we do best! Locksmith expert handles residential, office, and car locksmith emergencies and standard scheduled maintenance all the time. Moreover, we are highly qualified and have up-to-date tools to back it up. We pride ourselves on our quick response times so that you can get back to your daily routine without skipping a beat.

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