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Choosing The Best Business Locks That’s Right For You

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The Only Guide You Will Ever Need When Choosing The Best Business Locks For Your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, having the best business locks that are strong and secure is a must. After all, you don’t want someone getting into your workplace or your customers’ sensitive data. Sure, you may have other security measures in place, such as CCTV or an alarm system, but these alone can’t guarantee complete protection from unwanted intruders. To ensure that only those who are meant to be accessing the premises do so, having the best business locks is essential.

Having the best business locks offers several benefits for businesses of any size and industry. First, they help create physical barriers between intruders and valuable assets on the premises. This could include confidential documents, computers with customer information stored on them, or money kept in cash registers. By making sure only authorized persons can access the premises, you are protecting your business from theft and other malicious activities.

Second, secure locks help give employees peace of mind when they leave for the evening. Knowing that the building is locked up tight with the best business locks means that no one can enter without permission, and without risking detection by an alarm system or CCTV. This helps ensure a greater sense of safety among your staff, which can improve overall morale in the workplace.

Finally, having secure locks is also a great way to deter criminals from targeting your business in the first place. The presence of strong security measures makes it harder for criminals to break in undetected and increases their chances of getting caught if they do try something shady. By making sure intruders know that you have the best business locks and a strong security system in place, you can make your business less of an attractive target for crime.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the best business locks, the different types of locks you should get for your business, and the benefits these provide. By taking the time to invest in the best business locks that are strong and secure, you can help keep your business safe from intruders—both real and digital—and protect yourself against liability issues in the future.

Let’s get started, shall we?

6 Best Business Locks Types For Different Security Needs

1. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are one of the most commonly used locks for commercial properties. They typically feature a metal cylinder that is inserted into a door’s frame, and when it is locked, the cylinder turns and prevents the door from being opened until it is unlocked. Deadbolts are often used in combination with other locks, such as lever locks or mortise locks, to provide added protection against intruders. Deadbolts offer great security, as they tend to be stronger than other types of locks and more difficult to pick.

2. Lever Locks

Lever locks are another type of lock that can be used for commercial purposes. These locks feature two levers—a main latch and an auxiliary latch—connected by a deadbolt. When locked, the main latch holds the auxiliary latch in place and prevents it from turning. Lever locks are easier to install than deadbolts, which makes them good for businesses on a budget. They also offer additional security benefits since they are harder to pick than standard door knobs.

3. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are arguably one of the best business locks that are commonly used in commercial applications. These locks feature two pieces—a faceplate and a box-like body—connected by a mortise keyway. When opened, the faceplate moves back and forth within the box-like body while turning at the same time. Mortise locks tend to be very secure since they require special keys or codes to open them and usually have strong internal components that make them harder to pick than other types of locks.

4. Smart Locks

Smart locks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and advanced features. Smart locks allow you to access your business without having to carry around physical keys; instead, you use an app on your smartphone or tablet to unlock doors remotely using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. These types of smart lock systems offer added security benefits because they can be programmed with unique user codes and access times for maximum control over who enters your premises at any given time, making them a strong contender for one of the best business locks.

5. Combination Locks

Combination locks are another popular choice for businesses due to their ability to provide efficient access control without having to worry about lost keys or stolen codes—all you need is the combination code you set beforehand! Combination lock systems can come in either digital or mechanical varieties; each offering different levels of safety along with varying installation requirements depending on where they’re placed (e.g., exterior doors).

6. Electronic Locks

Electronic locks provide both convenience and high levels of security, which is perfect if your business requires regular employee turnover or if staff work outside normal office hours, such as cleaners or maintenance workers who use after-hours access codes.

Electronic locking systems come in various forms, such as card readers that can scan employee ID cards, keypads that require PINs for entry (these can also be combined with biometric features such as fingerprint scanning for added security), or even remote accesses whereby users are able to login remotely via an app on their phone!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Business Lock

When choosing the best business locks, it’s important to take several factors into consideration. Your budget, frequency of use, level of security needed, and ease of installation will all come into play when deciding on the best business locks for your premises.

1. Budget

Budget should always be an important factor when making any purchase. While you may want the best business locks with the highest security features available, this may not always be within your budget. Consider opting for simpler installation and fewer features if money is tight, as often these options can provide a reasonable level of security without breaking the bank. It’s also important to consider future costs such as maintenance fees and potential replacements due to wear and tear or other damage.

2. Frequency of Use

The frequency of use is another key factor when choosing the best business locks; some locks may work well in low-traffic areas but are less suitable in high-traffic environments where frequent unlocking/locking is required daily. Look for locks with robust mechanisms that offer easy access without compromising security, such as keyless entry systems, which allow quick access with fewer hassles. Lever locks are generally easier to operate than deadbolts and can be more convenient in certain situations where multiple users have access to the same door.

3. Level of Security Needed

The level of security needed should also be taken into consideration before making your decision. Mortise locks are one of the best business locks and tend to offer higher levels of security than their lever counterparts due to their interior components; they are much harder to pick than any other type of lock. High-security electronic systems such as card readers or biometric scanning provide extra protection against unauthorized access by preventing users from memorizing codes or using duplicate keys.

4. Ease of Installation

Finally, ease of installation should also be considered; some locks require professional installation, while others can easily be handled by yourself or an employee who knows what they’re doing! Do-it-yourself kits are available from most hardware stores and online retailers if you’d like to save money on labor costs; however, it’s still recommended that you get help from someone experienced with installing locks for businesses for optimal results.

Best Business Locks For Different Types

Retail Spaces

When it comes to locks for retail spaces, convenience and ease of use are often the main priorities. Lever locks or knob locks with keyless entry systems are great choices as they don’t require a key to open – these locks can be programmed with a code that can be given out to authorized personnel and/or customers to gain entry into the store.

For extra security, consider adding an electronic lock system, such as card readers or keypads that require PINs for entry. These types of systems are also great if you need after-hours access codes, allowing employees or security guards to enter without having to use traditional keys.


For offices, high-security electronic systems typically provide the best combination of convenience and security. Card readers can scan employee ID cards, allowing authorized staff members easy entry; while keypads with PINs provide added protection against unauthorized access. If you’re looking for even higher levels of security, biometric scanning, such as fingerprint scanning, offers additional layers of protection against intruders.


Warehouses often require more robust locks due to their larger size and greater chances of break-ins; as such, mortise locks are generally the best choice here due to their higher level of security. These types of locks have internal components that make them harder to pick than other types, and they come in both mechanical and electronic varieties—perfect if you need regular employee turnover or after-hours access codes for maintenance workers.


Restaurant owners usually require a balance between convenience and security when it comes to choosing a lock system for their premises. Digital door locks are great options here, as they allow quick access by authorized personnel via a numerical code that can be changed easily should the need arise.

Keypad entry systems also offer added convenience but typically provide less security than digital door locks; if extra protection is needed, consider adding deadbolts or latch guards to reinforce your doors—these are great deterrents against unwanted visitors!

Need Help Choosing And Installing The Right Business Lock For Your Business? Call The Experts Today!

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