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Lock Installation

Lock Installation

Need a new lock installation? Moved into a new home? If so, we are here to install new locks for your new space. When choosing a new lock installation for your home, you must know that it will fit in so you can have an easy install. Then price, quality of the lock, and how it will benefit you.

The type of lock and location of the lock that needs to be installed makes no difference to us. To provide better security, a well-installed lock must be positioned snugly against the door and door frame. Any lockset, deadbolt, electronic lock, or smart lock can be professionally installed in your home the first time. Not only do we know, but we are also equipped with the latest tools.

We’re a mobile locksmith service and we operate nationwide with all of the up-to-date tools and equipment we need to maintain lock installation at a time that is suitable for you. Just give us a call at any given time of 24 hours.



Installing locks on new doors is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of your home. Your first line of defense against break-ins is a door lock. A new lock installation necessitates precise and accurate drilling into your door, so you should hire a professional locksmith who is capable of doing the work.


You may be wondering when is the proper time to install a new lock is. Here are a few main reasons why you might want to have a new lock installed in your home:


  • Moving to a new home
  • Break-in
  • Repair or replace damaged locks
  • Upgrade your security
  • Keys lost or stolen
  • Someone is moving out of your home
  • You changed service personnel



Choosing the right locks for your home

However, before our locksmith can even begin installing a new lock on your door, the most important part is the choice of the right lock for your door. Choosing the correct locks for your new door is a crucial step that should be taken with care and consideration. The first thing you can do is call for one of our professionals, who will examine your home’s specific circumstances and assist you in understanding your security requirements.



How much does lock installation cost?

Installing a lock provides homeowners with the assurance that their loved ones are safe. The price of installation will differ depending on the type of lock, brand name, and finish you select. The cost of installing door locks varies depending on factors such as location and demand. The best way to find out the price is to get quotes for free from our friendly customer service. We’ll give you an accurate ETA according to your request. 



How long does your lock installation service take?

The time it takes to install a new lock varies. This is because the duration relies on a few elements. For starters, the type of material your door is composed of affects time. The length of time it takes to install a lock is determined by the type of door you have. A steel door, regardless of lock type, would very certainly necessitate a lot more effort than a wooden door.

Also, depending on which locks the homeowner wishes to install, the time may vary. Some homeowners may only want to install a simple knob latch bolt lock, while others may opt to install both a doorknob lock and a deadbolt to secure their door.

Every property has different security requirements, so it’s crucial to seek professional advice to ensure you acquire the right locks for your needs and budget. With the rapid advancement of technology, the cost of new high-tech locks has dropped substantially, making them more affordable to a wider variety of consumers.

Our locksmith service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with a new lock installation or lock replacement anytime you need it. We’ll be there with a shoulder to cry on and a professional to rely on on your job site.

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