Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey

We all are aware of feeling secure in our homes, and door locks provide one of the main security features for a property. Keeping the good functionality of your locks is therefore vital.

If you’ve ever moved into a new apartment and misplaced your keys, you might consider changing your house locks. Most people don’t know that re-keying their locks are a far better and frequently less expensive alternative to changing their locks.

When you need a lock to rekey service for your home, look to The Locksmith Expert’s expert team. We provide a comprehensive, 100% insured, full range of services, including high-security locks and keys, rekeying, scheduled and emergency lockout response nationwide!

A lock rekeying is the process of changing the key combination on your lock so that only a new key can open it. While the term “changing a lock” is self-explanatory, “rekeying a lock” refers to changing the functioning key without replacing the lock. Instead of buying new locks, all that is required is the replacement of a few pins. You can also make it such that all of the locks function with one of your existing keys.

Common reasons to rekey your locks:


If you have lost your key

our clients approach us to rekey locks for various reasons, the most common of which is to keep their property safe after misplacing or losing their keys to burglars.

Rekeying your locks is a cost-effective approach to ensure that only you and your family have access to your new house when you just moved into the new house. You never know who received your house keys from the previous owner or how many duplicates were made.


Access control

Want to prevent someone who has the key from entering? When you need to know who has a key to your house but aren’t sure. We also offer a 24-hour mobile lock rekey service to keep unwanted visitors out of your home.

When you have multiple keys for different locks and makes it hard to keep records, so you want them to all match one single key;


Better home security

We ensure access control to your premises when there’s a change in possession of a property. Rekeying your locks removes the master pins and prevents the potential of another key operating in your locks, such as one owned by the contractor or previous homeowners in single-builder communities.


How much does lock rekey cost?


The average cost to rekey locks on the house will depend on exactly which locks you need rekeying, for instance – a type of door and lock and access to the lock and the complexity of the job. In order to help determine lock rekey estimate price, the best way is to call our customer service and we will provide you with a free quote. 


What is our lock rekey service?


It is easier for homeowners to rekey their locks by hiring a locksmith. If you don’t know what kind of locks you have or if your house has various brands of locks – we are here to assist you. If you try to rekey a lock on your own and fail, you risk completely destroying it.

To rekey a lock, our experienced Locksmith Expert technicians need access to the lock cylinder, which necessitates the removal of the lock from the door on which it is placed. After removing the lock, the locksmith replaces the lock pins to prevent the existing keys from operating the lock. Once the lock is repaired, new keys are cut to match the updated pin depth.

The Locksmith Expert offers emergency services for customers who need to replace their locks quickly because someone who has access to their keys shouldn’t be permitted in the building.

We will come on your time and make sure that the new key combination works and is in place. Just dial our number on (888) 291-2390, and we make sure you get what you need for your home and family safety in the most efficient way. 

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