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Master Rekey

Tired of counting separate keys? Need to control access to your property in&outs?
We can cut a single key that matches and opens various locks.  Even though each door has its own key to limit access, the master key can unlock and lock all of them. A master key system allows you to control your property while reducing the number of keys each person needs to carry to just one. We’ve been designing master key systems for a variety of clients for over a decade.

What is Master Rekeying?

Rekeying a master lock system entails replacing all of the locks’ internal lock systems, rendering all older keys useless, and allowing new keys to unlock the locks. In other words, Re-keying is the process of re-purposing a pre-existing key to fit the needs of a new lock; Master keying enables two or more different and distinct keys to open one lock. Rekeying is a simple security step that can provide you with a lot of peace of mind without buying all new locks. Lock rekeying is a simple and affordable step to securing your property. 

At The Locksmith Expert, we offer a master keying service tailored to your needs for controlling access to residential buildings.
We are the go-to team if it has to do with master keys, installed, or repair or rekey. Just dial our number on (888) 291-2390.

Both the residential and business sectors benefit from master rekeying. You may want to utilize one key for all of your door locks in the home while giving another key to a housekeeper, house sitter, or repairman that just unlocks the rooms you want them to see. Master key systems are one of our most requested services. We provide a custom master key system and help design a system that will suit your needs.

When Should You Change Your Master Key Locks?

When someone wants to increase the security of their home or business, they rekey it. Essentially, new locking mechanisms are added without adding new keys to the key ring. The replacement of old universal locking mechanisms with a new set is important for lock maintenance. When to replace a universally keyed lock depends on a number of factors:


  • Moving to a New House– When you move into a new place, you should consider overhauling them. It is better to change locks immediately and prevent possible break-ins. You never can be sure who has a key to your house. But we can keep unwanted visitors out of your home by rekeying your locks 24/7 basis!
  • If you have lost your key, our clients approach us to rekey locks for various reasons, the most common of them is to keep their property safe after misplacing or losing their keys to burglars.
  • Break-in – Locking mechanisms should be changed immediately after a burglary is reported to the police and insurance agents. Burglaries frequently include significant damage to a door’s lock. A new set should be installed as soon as possible to restore the property’s safety.
  • Damage– Locking mechanisms can be destroyed if not properly maintained like any other home appliance. Any broken lock should be replaced with a new one that works.
  • Upgraded Security – We ensure access control to your premises when there’s a change in possession of a property. Rekeying your locks removes the master pins and prevents the potential of another key operating in your locks, such as one owned by the contractor or previous homeowners in single-builder communities.

24/7 Master Rekeying Service nationwide!

There are times when a master rekey service is required after hours or on weekends, whether you own a home or a business. We offer a wide range of locksmith services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and weekends. Nobody wants to be a target for a break-in or incursion the next day. We make your security our #1 priority.

The Locksmith Expert offers emergency services for customers who need to replace their locks quickly because someone who has access to their keys shouldn’t be permitted in the building.
We will come on your time and ensure that the new key combination works and is in place. Whether you are searching for a master, rekey professional service, or rekeys services, please feel free to visit our leading site for more information, give us a call, or e-mail us. 

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